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Wei Li, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Wei Li is the Chief Scientific Officer for Cytovia Therapeutics. As a Biopharma Executive, Wei Li brings her passion to translate scientific vision and breakthrough technologies into new drug therapies through strategic, comprehensive development. Wei Li is a founding member of 2 biotech companies and is an expert in all aspects of drug research & development, including preclinical development & pharmacology, clinical development and operations, regulatory, biomarker development and biomanufacturing. With her drug R&D expertise, business wisdom and operational excellence, Wei helped several biopharmas successfully advance drug development and corporate development objectives.

Wei was previously the Chief development Officer at OliX Pharmaceuticals, a leading public South Korean biotech company developing siRNA therapeutics for multiple indications including pulmonary diseases, ophthamology, cancer immunotherapy, liver diseases, CNS diseases and dermatology. She also served as a Member of Board of Directors for OliX US.

As Executive Vice President, Product Development at Boston Biomedical, Inc (BBI) from 2007-2018, Dr Wei Li played a key role in the growth from a 10-person start up in 2007 to a 250-person global oncology leader. She led the development of napabucasin (BBI608), a first-in-class drug selected as one of the world’s top ten cancer drugs in late stage clinical development by Fierce Biotech. BBI was ranked as the most capital efficient company of the year (2012) and deemed one of the most capital efficient biotech companies in history by Venture Capital Journal. BBI was acquired in 2012 by Sumitomo Dainippon for $2.63 Billion.

Dr Wei Li started her biotech career at ArQule (NASDAQ:ARQL), a leading oncology company developing first in class therapeutics.

She completed her Postdoctoral Training at Harvard Medical School | Brigham & Women’s Hospital in the Department of Rheumatology, Immunology, and Allergy in Boston, holds a PhD in Molecular Virology from Georgia State University and has a BS in Biochemistry from Sun Yat-sen University in China.

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