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Meet The Natural Killer Cell.

Your immune system's first and best line of defense against cancer and virally infected cells.

Powerful. Precise. Innate. 

(And on your side so don't let the name scare you.)

But Cancer's a Tough Opponent.

And like any good villain, cancer cells can adapt and mutate, learning to evade your immune system's natural defenses and further weaken it as they take over. 

So sometimes, even the most capable of good guys need a little help.


Which is Where We Come In.

A humble company on a quest to create and activate the safest, most efficient, and most readily-available Natural Killer cell therapy to take down cancer. 

We Start By Sourcing Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.

Known as iPSCs, these adult - usually skin or blood - cells have been reprogrammed back into an undefined state, allowing them to then be developed into any type of cell needed, at any scale.

This allows us to work with an unlimited supply of standardized and easy-to-engineer cells and create a true "off-the-shelf" custom product to make our therapy as scalable and accessible

as possible.


We Then Genetically Engineer Them.

"Knocking-in" what we want and "knocking-out" what we don't, increasing their capacity to both find and destroy cancer cells with minimal side effects, creating the perfect superheroes to help your body in its fight against cancer.

We also add Chimeric Antigen Receptors if needed (designed to give our NK cells "GPS coordinates" for their targets by binding only to specific proteins on chosen cancer cells).

We Finally Transform Them Into Custom-Designed NK Cells, Ready To Be Mass Produced On-Demand. 

We start from a master bank of the engineered, still-undefined stem cells, differentiate them into Natural Killer cells, and mass expand them. The final engineered master cell bank is cryopreserved as a resource for unlimited future use. 


In Addition, We've Created Flex-NK™ Engagers to Further Activate NK Cells at the Tumor Site.

These multi-specific antibodies can be used alone (as an option for earlier intervention in patients with healthy NK cells) or in combination with our iNK cells for increased efficacy at more advanced stages of the disease.

Combined, these dual platforms give patients and physicians a powerful and versatile toolkit to fight against some of the deadliest and most challenging diseases of our time, ushering in a new generation of therapeutic options.

A Revolution In The Fight Against Cancer, And A New Hope For Patients.

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