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CytoLynx Therapeutics

CytoLynx Therapeutics is a Shanghai-based biotechnology company, created by a syndicate of institutional investors led by TF Capital and Yunfeng Capital.  CytoLynx has licensed several products from Cytovia Therapeutics, including a non gene-edited and a gene-edited iPSC-derived NK (iNK) cell, a GPC3-targeted bispecific antibody, and a GPC3-targeted CAR-iNK cell for development and commercialization in Greater China. Cytovia and CytoLynx are collaborating to accelerate the global clinical development of the licensed products for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).


Additionally, CytoLynx has acquired the non-exclusive rights to certain of Cytovia Therapeutics' core technologies, allowing for the development of its own pipeline.  


Cytovia Therapeutics is entitled to receive upfront and milestone payments and has received an equity investment from CytoLynx's lead institutional investors.

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