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Cytovia Therapeutics: An NK Revolution Towards a Cancer Cure
Cytovia Therapeutics

Cytovia Therapeutics: An NK Revolution Towards a Cancer Cure

Cytovia Therapeutics aims to accelerate patient access to transformational cell therapies and immunotherapies, addressing several of the most challenging unmet medical needs in cancer. Cytovia focuses on harnessing the innate immune system by developing complementary and disruptive NK-cell and bispecific antibody platforms. We are developing three types of iPSC-derived Natural Killer (iNK) cells: unedited iNK cells, TALEN® gene-edited iNK cells with improved function and persistence, and TALEN® gene-edited iNK cells with chimeric antigen receptors (CAR-iNKs) to improve tumor-specific targeting. The second complementary cornerstone technology is a quadrivalent bispecific antibody platform designed to engage natural killer cells by targeting NKp46 using a proprietary Flex-NK™ technology. These two technology platforms are being used to develop treatment of patients with solid tumors such as hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and glioblastoma as well as hematological malignancies such as relapsed multiple myeloma. Clinical studies are expected to initiate in 2023. Our R&D Center of Excellence, located in Natick, Massachusetts, is designed for pre-clinical discovery and development including NK cell biology, gene-editing, antibody and CAR development, and iNK/CAR-iNK manufacturing process development. Cytovia’s R&D laboratories are augmented by scientific partnerships with Cellectis, CytoImmune, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, INSERM, the New York Stem Cell Foundation, the National Cancer Institute, and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). Cytovia has developed a partnership with CytoLynx Therapeutics focused on research and development, manufacturing, and commercialization activities in Greater China and beyond. Find out more at 0:00 Introduction 1:02 Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells 1:50 Gene Editing 2:43 Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) 3:06 Creating a Uniform Master Cell Bank 3:28 Differentiation & Expansion 3:54 Flex-NK Cell Engagers 4:57 An NK Revolution Towards a Cancer Cure
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