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Anna Baran-Djokovic, LLM, MSc

Co-Founder & Senior Vice President, Capital Markets & Corporate Affairs

Mrs. Anna Baran-Djokovic is an experienced corporate executive with a solid background in investor relations, corporate communication, legal affairs and talent acquisition. She also acts as Chief of Staff for the Chairman/CEO coordinating board of directors and executive committee activities. Anna served as Senior Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs at Immune Pharmaceuticals, Inc (NASDAQ: IMNP).

During her 5 years at Immune Pharmaceuticals, she helped the company transition from a private to a public company through the acquisition of EpiCept, which was dual listed in Sweden and in the US. Anna has overseen the raising of capital through roadshows in the US and Europe, as well as up-listing the company to NASDAQ. She has done a considerable amount of work with companies both in Europe and the US, and has successfully led several investor relations operations, managed external firms, and played an integral role in transitioning small private companies to reputable publicly traded ones.

Throughout her career, Anna has built strong relationships with institutional and high net-worth investors, investment bankers, and Wall Street analysts. Anna holds a Master’s in Law from University of Warsaw, and graduated from Warsaw School of Economics.

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