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Research & Development

Our R&D Center of Excellence, located in Natick, Massachusetts, is designed for pre-clinical discovery and development including NK cell biology, gene-editing, antibody and CAR development, and iPSC NK/CAR-NK manufacturing process development. The NK cell manufacturing process is transferred directly to larger scale but matching production operations in Puerto Rico. The integration of Cytovia’s two facilities is designed to allow the company to take each of our products rapidly and seamlessly into clinical and commercial production.




Our cGMP clinical and commercial scale cell manufacturing facility in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico gives Cytovia streamlined control over cGMP production in a facility that has been designed to meet global regulatory expectations and readiness for FDA, EMA, and global regulatory audits. By operating modular clean rooms and bioreactors, the cGMP facility will provide capacity to support clinical and commercial operations. The facility has been designed to allow multi-product manufacturing, enabling Cytovia to produce iPSC-derived NK & CAR-NK therapeutics for thousands of patients.

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